Help this trend on twitter! Courtesy of brimstonesshop, it was her idea!

Show Phoebe Tonkin that she has support, that we care about her, and that we won’t condone cyberbullying!

Phoebe Tonkin from The Originals has received a lot of unfounded hate towards her appearance, acting, personal lifestyle and more. A lot of people don’t accept her character Hayley on The Originals because of her plot on the show, but that doesn’t mean that someone should be attacked for something they have no control over. Recently Phoebe tweeted about how she’s feeling and it’s time we show her love.

It’s been about a year that Phoebe has had to bear slut shaming, slurs, and god knows what else. NO ONE should have to go through this. Show her we care and trend #TumblrLovesPhoebe on Tuesday, April 22nd @ 8 pm EST/7c when The Originals airs!

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Ian Somerhalder and Nina Dobrev for Penshoppe Spring 2014 

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Ian, how many shirts have you had been ripped off of you?

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elena’s body appreciation post

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"She already is like me" (p1)
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Vampire Diaries cast getting confused by the plot.